Courteney Cox is All Sensitive Now

January 14, 2011 By:
Courteney Cox is All Sensitive Now

Courteney Cox is attempting to cope with life in the light of her crazy ass husband David Arquette checking into rehab.

She showed up to a Cougar Town event last night, and admitted to her life being a total hot mess right now. "Obviously, my life is kind of crazy right now," she joked.

said she’s “kind of used to” being scrutinized by the press, but that these last few months have been especially hard.

"But I think as I get older, I'm probably getting a little more sensitive,” she admitted. “It might be getting harder in some ways."

Her one saving grace? The show! "Thank god for the show," she said. "There have been times where [Cougar Town creator] Bill Lawrence has said, 'Do you need a break?' I'm like, are you kidding? This is my saving grace!"

And it sounds like her CT character has a little more in common with David than she does! Court added, "She's going to continue to drink and live a very successful life being an alcoholic, but manageable. There is no rehab in sight, or anything.”

Hey, at least she can joke about it!