Courteney Cox: How Jennifer Has Helped Me During Split

December 5, 2010 By:
Courteney Cox: How Jennifer Has Helped Me During Split

When Courteney Cox announced she was splitting from her hubby of 11 years, Jennifer Aniston was no doubt the first person she called.

Courteney admits she doesn’t know how she would have coped with the split without her BFF.

She said: “Jennifer has been so wonderful. You need good friends to keep your spirits up.”

Although David Arquette has been a total douche bag since the split, Courteney and him have kept things really civil. They've even been photographed together several times, so don't rule out a reconciliation just yet.

She added: “It’s too early to say if we will get back together. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But we are always going to be very close and supportive and be good parents to Coco. That’s the most important thing … Any relationship has it’s ups and downs. You shouldn’t think you can keep working hard, raise a child and not discover things have changed between you and your husband. We’ve always tried to be very open with each other. That spirit has never left us, even though things became difficult in the last year.”

I know he's the father of your child and all but come on Court, you can do soooo much better. David is so damn immature I really don't know how they lasted so long. Do you think they'll get back together? What are your thoughts?