Courteney Cox Halts Production on 'Cougar Town'

November 23, 2009 By:
Courteney Cox Halts Production on 'Cougar Town'

ABC's 'Cougar Town' is officially on hiatus until further notice. Courteney Cox has halted production on the show in order to take care of a "private family matter."

Reps for the show refuse to release any more info surrounding the halt. All we know is that it's been suspended so Courtney and her family can deal with a private issue.

A spokesperson for TV network ABC said: “We can confirm production on ‘Cougar Town’ has been temporarily shut down in order for Courteney to deal with a private family matter.”

Maybe Courtney needed the time off to make some babies? She recently said, "We're revving up the engines. I'm only ready because time's a-ticking.

"If I was 34, I'd wait another year. I want Coco to be helping me with the next one. One child is hard. Two is probably harder."

No word yet on how long the hiatus will last but whatever the case is, we really hope it gets resolved quickly, that show is too good to miss.

The personal family matter must have been resolved for Courteney Cox because production is back on.