Courteney Cox: From 'Hot Young Thing' to 'Hot Old Thing'

November 30, 2010 By:
Courteney Cox: From 'Hot Young Thing' to 'Hot Old Thing'

Courteney Cox has revealed that it's hard not being a "hot young thing" anymore. She may not being young anymore, but let's be real, Courteney Cox is hot.

She is definitely gonna date some hot young guy that's gonna make her feel like a "hot young thing" again. Ok, she might not feel like a "hot young thing," but she will feel like a "hot old thing," which is still alright.

She said: "Sometimes it's a battle to accept you're no longer the hot young thing. To realise you don't attract people in the same way, it can be a bit sad.

"It's nice to feel sexy, even if it's only a matter of perception. There are days when I get out of bed and look in the mirror and think I look awful. I get down on myself. But other days I get up and I feel happy."

I get what Courteney is saying. It's definitely not easy waking up ever morning with a new line on your face. Oh wait, that's not her problem, that's only mine. Courteney is 46 and has the skin of a 19 year old. The least she can do is share her magic trick!