Courteney Cox: David is Always Hard for Me

April 14, 2011 By:
Courteney Cox: David is Always Hard for Me

How much more are we going to have to hear about Courteney Cox and David Arquette's banging before they get back together?

We get it, Scream producers, there's a fourth movie out. Just let these two reunite.

Courteney called into the Howard Stern Show today, where David has pretty much set up camp, and explained her side of the story. Which basically is that, she's so hot, her husband is too attracted to her.

"[David] could never put his arm around me without completely getting a boner," Courteney said.

So it's safe to say in every photo we've seen of these two together, David's penis has been saluting the whole time. And that's a thought I really didn't need this morning.

Courteney says she often just needed consoling and David just wanted sex. But he's a guy, that's how they help. That's how they try to solve your problems. If men could resolve the Israel/Palestine conflict by having sex with it, they would.