Courtenay Semel: I Was a Victim of Arson

June 17, 2010 By:
Courtenay Semel: I Was a Victim of Arson

Courtenay Semel had to be hospitalized this week for difficulty breathing after a mattress in her apartment caught fire over the weekend. But she spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Hollyscoop to let us know her current condition and the disturbing details surrounding the incident.

The fire began after someone left a flat iron on a bed in her apartment on Saturday. She woke up to firemen banging down the door. A house guest had apparently left the hot tool on, and it eventually caused the mattress to burst into flames.

Courtenay told us EXCLUSIVELY that she thinks it was her roomate’s aunt who started the fire. “I’m ok,” she told Hollyscoop. “Just really shaken up. My roomate’s aunt who started the fire didn’t even wake me up!"

How scary! She also told us she's freaked out because she thinks it may have been done purposefully. "I'm concerned for my safety because I think it was intentionally done," Courtenay told us. "There's an ongoing investigation."

Semel had issues with vomiting after that, but finally checked into the hospital on Monday, where she was hooked up to an oxygen tank.

She’s not in the clear though, and likely inhaled a ton of second-hand smoke. She told us she still feels terrible, and isn’t breathing well on her own, and has really bad headaches.

How frightening. Good thing the firemen came when they did. That woman would have to be a sick human being to do something so cruel, and we hope that's not true. We wish Courtenay a full and speedy recovery.

TMZ first reported the story that Semel had been hospitalized.