Courtenay Semel Back on With Ex Casey Johnson

January 15, 2009 By:
Courtenay Semel Back on With Ex Casey Johnson

After what can only be described as a lovers quarrel, it appears Courtenay Semel is back on with her heiress ex girlfriend Casey Johnson.

Semel and Johnson made headlines yesterday for an argument that reportedly sent Johnson to the hospital.

"Casey went to Courtenay's house, and Courtenay proceeded to beat the crap out of her, and then she lit her hair on fire. Casey had to be hospitalized," the NY Post reported.

There was clearly some exaggeration in the story because Semel and Johnson are not only back on, they're also heading out of town together this weekend.

A close friend of Semel's says, "Courtenay and Casey are still close and are currently heading up to Sundance for the weekend. Courtenay broke it off with Tila and the two have decided to go their separate ways."

Johnson is heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire, while Semel is the daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel. Hmm two heiresses find love? How very Hollywood.