Could the Charlie Sheen Divorce get any juicier??

February 13, 2006 By:

First there was the divorce, than strippers, now a HIV test? This may even be too much for me, and I’m a pop-culture/gossip obsessed/internet junkie. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does! Denise has reportedly been tested for HIV after discovering her husband Charlie Sheen cheated on her during their marriage. The sexy actress reportedly rushed to a medical clinic for testing after discovering Sheen's infidelity. A rep for the star confirmed the actress was tested for STD's at a Thousand Oaks Medical Center in California on January 27. A source claims Richards had a number of blood tests carried out to detect "every disease known to man" - including the potentially fatal HIV virus, according to reports in Us Weekly magazine. The 35-year-old former Bond girl has been trying to reconcile with her estranged husband for the last 10 months. Honestly what was she thinking? Yo Denise, ever heard the term ‘can’t turn a hoe into a housewife’? Well that goes both ways sista!