New Details From Cory Monteith’s Final Autopsy Report

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New Details From Cory Monteith’s Final Autopsy Report
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While most of the details surrounding Cory Monteith’s final hours are already known, the British Columbia Coroners Service has officially issued their final autopsy report late Wednesday regarding the actor’s death on July 13.

The official findings confirmed the initial results—that the 31-year-old died from a lethal mix of heroin and alcohol.

In the report, coroners revealed that investigators found a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle. There were also two empty bottles of Champagne found in his hotel room by the staff who discovered his body.

Investigators and the coroner also concluded that Cory’s history of drug use, along with periods of rehabilitation and sobriety decreased his tolerance for heroin and other substances, factors that attributed to his overdose.

Discovering the spoon with drug residue and the needle he used doesn’t make Cory’s death any more tragic. But maybe now that these final details are out, we can let him rest in peace.