The Hunks of Glee: Past and Present

November 25, 2012 By:
The Hunks of Glee: Past and Present


Every guy on Glee is hot, I cannot narrow it down! But for the sake of this story, let’s give some love to the often overlooked “Glee” dudes and the newbies who deserve to join a “hottest guy” rank.

Cory Monteith: Cory Monteith was the original “Glee” hunk. I mean, three different “Glee” characters wanted him! What’s not to like? He’s tall, stupid, plays football and can sing. A recipe for success, obviously.

Dean Geyer: Dean Geyer joined Glee this season and basically solidified his spot as the resident hot dude, but tells Hollyscoop at The Biggest Show 2012 Event, “I think I’m just the new guy. Just cause I have my shirt off doesn’t make me hot. I will say it feels interesting because I’m the only one with my shirt off the whole time.”

Samuel Larsen: Sam was one of the winners of “The Glee Project” and he’s hot in a Bob Marley/Johnny Depp kind of way. If you’re into dread locks and guys who wear bracelets, he’s so your type.

Jacob Artist: Jacob joined “Glee” 4th season as Puck’s younger brother. He’s no Puck Puckerman, but he’s still pretty damn cute. And just like everyone else on Glee, he can sing, dance, and act. He’s only 20, but we can look past that.

Darren Criss: Here’s the thing about Darren Criss, he’s straight but since he plays a gay guy on TV, he’s beloved by men and women! Also, he’s arguably the best singer on the show (I mean, aside from Lea Michele DUH) and talent is so hot!

Harry Shum Jr. Two words for you, six pack. Harry Shum Jr. can’t sing, but honestly I can get past that because of his dancing skills. He’s got that exotic thing going for him and he can bust out some break dancing skills. Dayum.