‘Glee’ Creator Reveals How Show Will Handle Cory Monteith’s Death

July 22, 2013 By:
‘Glee’ Creator Reveals How Show Will Handle Cory Monteith’s Death

A week after Cory Monteith’s death, “Glee” showrunner Ryan Murphy spoke to Deadline, opening up about the actor’s struggle with drugs and their relationship in front and behind the camera.

This past week, Ryan has been discussing with show executives, writers, and actors about how to address the tragedy; Cory played one of the series’ principal characters, Finn Hudson. Every option was considered and explored, but it was decided that the most appropriate avenue was to deal with the topic of death and drug abuse head-on.

“One of the most gratifying things about 'Glee' is that when the show is at its best, it has helped young people and given them information about the human condition that moves and informs them,” Ryan said. “What we’ve been talking about in the writer’s room is that maybe the way we deal with this tragedy might save the life of someone.”

Ryan consulted Cory’s girlfriend Lea Michele, calling her, “a leader all through this difficult process."

“Glee” will premiere with a two-part Beatles tribute in its first two episodes, followed by a third episode which will be the tribute to Cory and “the death of Finn’s character.” The show will then go on “a long hiatus,” said Ryan, with no further details on when it will be back on air again.

Filming will begin again in late August.