'Glee' Co-Star: Series’ Future Uncertain Without Cory Monteith

July 22, 2013 By:
'Glee' Co-Star: Series’ Future Uncertain Without Cory Monteith

Max Adler, who plays high school jock Dave Karofsky on “Glee,” opened up to Hollyscoop on Friday about Cory Monteith’s death and the future of the beloved series.

“It was a devastating and tragic event. I will miss him very much,” Max said. “We all will miss him. He had a lot of talent, was a very good friend and was the first to welcome me to the cast. I’ll miss him, we will all miss him. However I am not sure what the future plans for ‘Glee’ will be.”

Following Cory’s passing, the cast reunited on set to remember their friend and co-worker. The show isn’t set to start shooting until late August once “Glee” creators and writers decide on the most appropriate way to explain Cory’s absence from the series.

Max attended GLAAD’s annual food-themed fundraiser “GLAAD Hancock Park” to support the LGBT community’s equal rights causes.

“I am here supporting GLAAD for many reasons. The fact that marriage equality is even an issue is disgusting to me,” Max said. “I am here celebrating that DOMA was overturned and marriage equality restoration.”

“Also, I’m here supporting equality. I think that homosexuals need to be represented in media across the board. The more that it is out there, the more accepted homosexuality will be.”