‘Glee’ Cast Tried To Save Cory Monteith

July 17, 2013 By:
 ‘Glee’ Cast Tried To Save Cory Monteith

Reports have surfaced that Cory Monteith’s drug problem could be chalked up to a “double life” he was leading.

Cory reportedly stayed relatively clean when he was in LA and on the “Glee” set, but when he went back to his hometown of Vancouver, he’d fall off the wagon and do drugs with his childhood friends.

Apparently, the division between “drugs” and “Glee” wasn’t so clear-cut and ALL the cast and some of the producers on his show knew he was using heroin again and repeatedly tried to help him.

Cory relapsed in March, just a month before he checked into rehab. Sources tell TMZ that the cast and producers sat Cory down for an “open conversation” about his drug abuse, how much they loved him, and that they genuinely wanted him to get help.

Cory didn’t get angry. He didn’t push them away. The source says he was grateful for their support and “very aware of how fortunate he was.”

Everyone on the show put Cory’s needs above the needs of the show.

With the support of his “Glee” family behind him, Cory checked into rehab at the end of March and successfully checked out a month later.

Sadly, like most addicts, once they come out of rehab and stay sober for a while, it’s their return to drugs that kills them, because their tolerance is so low.