Cory Monteith’s Friends Questioned Regarding Overdose

July 17, 2013 By:
Cory Monteith’s Friends Questioned Regarding Overdose

Following an initial investigation into Cory Monteith’s death, authorities believed the cause to be a drug overdose, which was later confirmed by the British Columbia Coroners Service yesterday. It was determined that a lethal mix of heroin and alcohol ended the actor's life.

The Vancouver police confirmed that three of Cory’s friends visited the actor’s room earlier in the night, just hours before the tragedy. They were questioned and cooperated with law enforcement. After determining they had interviewed everyone involved, police in Canada closed their investigation and no arrests were made.

“Unless new information comes to light, we won’t be proceeding further,” Vancouver police Constable Brian Montague said, explaining, “There’s no law in Canada where we can request charges against someone who’s provided drugs to an individual. There’s an inherent risk when you’re using illicit drugs and there’s nothing legally in this situation that we can see that would cause us to pursue the investigation further.”

Monteith's body was discovered in his hotel room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel on Saturday, July 13.

“Mr. Monteith was alone when he died,” a spokesperson for the Vancouver police department said to the press. “He took the heroin when he was alone by himself.”