Corey Haim's Death Not Drug-Fueled

May 4, 2010 By:
Corey Haim's Death Not Drug-Fueled

Big shocker in the Corey Haim story. The LA Coroner released a statement today saying that drugs weren't a factor in the actor's death. The coroner said a drug test "revealed no significant contributing factors."

The cause of death was reportedly attributed to damage to the air sacs in his lungs, pneumonia and a hardening of his heart muscle with plaque build-up within the blood vessels. Therefore, his death is technically a result of natural causes.

Corey Haim Took 550 Pills Illegally Before His Death

This is what Haim's mother has been saying the entire time--that her son did not die of a drug overdose. The specific causes of death were listed as pneumonia, diffuse avleolar damage, or breathing difficulty, and cardiomypathy with coronary arteiosclerosisa, a genetic condition that results in thickening of the lower heart muscle.

In addition, TMZ reports that Haim's mother told officials she flushed all of Corey's prescription drugs down the toilet after his death because "she didn't want anyone else to get hold of the medication and she didn't know the police would be responding to her residence."

Drugs may not have been the official cause of death, but it's obvious Corey was abusing drugs throughout his entire lifetime.