Corey Haim Took 550 Pills Illegally Before His Death

April 6, 2010 By:
Corey Haim Took 550 Pills Illegally Before His Death

New disturbing details have been made public regarding the death of Corey Haim. According to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, Haim obtained over 550 prescription pills illegally before his death.

The meds, which include Valium, Xanax, Vicodin and Soma, were prescribed by seven different doctors who have been under investigation. They all claim they were “duped” by Haim.

20 Doctors Subpoenaed in Connection to Corey Haim

As you may recall, last month it was uncovered that Haim was part of an "illegal and massive prescription-drug ring.” Coroner's officials also said they found four prescriptions in Haim's name in the apartment where he collapsed, and all were prescribed by a doctor treating the actor.

We’re glad this is being investigated and not just forgotten about! Corey obviously had a problem with drugs for the majority of his life. Hopefully his untimely death will be a wake-up call to those relying on prescription pills to get through the day. There is help out there!