Arrest Made in Corey Haim Drug Ring

March 18, 2010 By:
Arrest Made in Corey Haim Drug Ring

A suspect has been arrested in the investigation of an illegal drug ring Corey Haim is believed to have been a part of. The Attorney General’s office released a statement, saying, "We have confirmed one arrest in the case, but are not releasing any other details.”

It is not clear whether the suspect supplied the drugs that led to the actor’s death. Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. told CNN Haim obtained "thousands of pills" from multiple doctors going back to 2009 that he "shopped to.”

"How many people go to 10, 15 or 20 doctors and then run around to 10, 12 and more pharmacies to go fulfill them? And sometimes two different doctors on the same day?" Brown said. "If he took all the pills that our records show he was prescribed over the last year and three months, he took some very damaging assaults on his body."

As for the fraudulent OxyContin prescription in Corey’s name, Brown said, "We know there was a [doctor's] pad stolen and there was a prescription written for him using that pad, so it was fraudulent and we know it was filled.”

Right now, drugs aren’t being named as the cause of Corey’s death. We don’t know who anyone is kidding—Haim obviously had a major drug problem, and it was definitely related to him dying at age 38!