LG Style Rules Casting Contest With Rachel Zoe

December 6, 2011 By:
LG Style Rules Casting Contest With Rachel Zoe

Listen up fashionistas, do you want to star in Style Rules with Rachel Zoe? We can help make that happen.

LG Marquee will help four superfans will the chance to be on not one, but TWO episodes of Style Rules with Rachel Zoe, a fashion showdown between best friends. The two fashionistas battle against one another to prove that they can follow Rachel Zoe's rules of style best.

So how do you enter? Go on their official Facebook page at Facebook and give them a brief paragraph on what you feel is your “Marquee Holiday Look” and upload a photo(s) to compliment the submission. We encourage entrants to show their style and to shine bright with bold colors! Catching up on a few episodes of Rachel Ray would probably help too.

The contest allows users to submit their 'Marquee Holiday Look', which involves uploading a photo of themselves and submitting a quick description of their look. Four winners will be chosen to compete in two new episodes of Style Rules with Rachel Zoe.

Finalists will be chosen and four (4) will be selected to win the chance to appear in the upcoming holiday-themed episodes of Style Rules.

So go into your closet, grab your best 'Zoe' approved clothes and get started on styling.