Michael Jackson's Family Reacts to Conrad Murray Guilty Verdict

November 7, 2011 By:
Michael Jackson's Family Reacts to Conrad Murray Guilty Verdict

Not even an hour ago, Conrad Murray was found guilty in the Michael Jackson involuntary manslaughter case. He will remain in jail, without bail, until he is back in court on November 29 for sentencing.

He is expected to receive a max of four years in state prison, some of that might even be spent under house arrest.

This trial has lasted weeks and has been an incredibly tough time for the rest of the Jackson’s family. They can finally breathe a sigh of relief. At the announcement of the guilty verdict, Jackson’s family gasped and cried from the second row of the courtroom.

The family left the courthouse without holding a press conference but did stop for statements to some news outlets.

Michael Jackson’s parents Katherine and Joe Jackson released this statement, “We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and we couldn’t hold back tears of joy in the courtroom. Even though nothing can bring back our son, justice has finally been served!”

Katherine and Joe also told TMZ that they are “ecstatic” and that they “can’t wait to go home and share this day with Michael’s children.”

As Joe entered the courtroom he was trying to remain optimistic, with one word for reporters on his way into court today, “Justice.”

As La Toya Jackson was leaving the courtroom, she told the Associated Press, “Michael was looking over us,” even though before the courtroom proceeding she tweeted, “I’m shaking uncontrollably.”

After the verdict she tweeted, “VICTORY!!!!!”

His children were not in court today, but it’s expected that they will be relieved that this is over. When Paris, Blanket and Prince Jackson were told by the emergency room doctor that their dad was dead, Conrad Murray quoted Paris as saying that when she would wake up in the morning, she would not be able to see her dad again.

Hollyscoop talked with spiritualist Deepak Chopra, who was close friends with Michael to get his thoughts on the case.

“I feel very bad for what happened. I loved Michael and I know that what he got into was not of his own making, we have very unethical kinds of doctors especially attached to celebrities who’s identity becomes the celebrity and then it becomes a co-dependent relationship. So [Michael’s] problem with addiction was initiated and perpetuated by unethical medical practices and that that makes me very sad.”

Fans are still gathered outside the courthouse playing Michael’s music loud and celebrating the guilty verdict.