Juror on Conrad Murray Trial Says Decision Was Easy

November 9, 2011 By:
Juror on Conrad Murray Trial Says Decision Was Easy

An unidentified member of the jury revealed that the deicision to find Conrad Murray guilty in the manslaughter of Michael Jackson was an easy one.

It only took jurors two days to reach a unanimous descision about Murray. There was apparently no conflict between the seven men and five women on the panel and they all came to their decision well before they ended the eight hours of deliberations. The juror says there was just an "overwhelming body of evidence."

The juror tells TMZ they are "glad it's over" and is glad to return to "normal life."

Another juror, Debbie Franklin, was recently interviewed on Good Morning America.

"Conrad Murray did it," Franklin said. "Conrad Murray agreed to be the one to go into the bedroom and do this. He [Jackson] was looking for somebody to say yes, and Conrad Murray said yes."

The 48 year-old mother of two was the juror who rang the buzzer to let Judge Pastor know a verdict had been reached. Franklin explains how the group reached their decision:

"The three biggest things for us were the 911 call, not calling 911. That was a big issue, and not having the medical equipment in the room to put somebody under sedation and leaving the room."

Franklin continued: "Even if Michael Jackson injected himself, which I don't think we believed, but, we felt, even if he did, that wouldn't have mattered because Conrad Murray brought the situation there," she said. "He was the doctor. He was in charge."

Franklin says that she and the other jurors believed that Jackson would "absolutely" be alive if not for Murray.

Meanwhile, he hasn't even been sentenced, and Conrad Murray is already profiting off of this whole ordeal. The world is about to learn a lot more about Murray's side of the story, thanks to a two year-old documentary that features interviews with the doctor. Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship began filming in 2009, only five months after the singer's death.

Set to air on MSNBC on Friday, in the documentary, Murray divulges shocking details about the events leading up to Michael Jackson's death. Murray claims that Jackson's nickname for Propofol was "milk," and Murray said:

"[Michael] was pleading and begging to please, please let him have some milk because that was the only thing that would work. He really could not sleep."

Michael's brother, Tito Jackson, accused Conrad Murray of "practicing Frankenstein medicine" on Michael. He thinks that Murray's prison sentence should be even longer than the maximum four years he can get in jail.

"He should spend the rest of his life in jail," Tito says. "It is unfair if Dr. Murray only gets four years for what he did. He was supposed to guide Michael to better health and safety and do what was right for him. Instead, Dr. Murray did not follow the law. Doctors are supposed to save lives, not to take them."