Dr. Conrad Murray Could Be Sentenced to House Arrest

October 14, 2011 By:
Dr. Conrad Murray Could Be Sentenced to House Arrest

The third week of the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial wraps up today. So far, the prosecution has shown that Dr. Conrad Murray’s medical practices were irregular and haphazard. Not looking good. But if convicted, Murray could end up on house arrest.

A new law went into effect in California starting October 1, which sends people convicted of non-violent felonies to county jail. But since the Los Angeles county jail is way overcrowded, many inmates are allowed to serve their time from their homes. Seeing has how Conrad Murray has a clean record and isn’t much of a risk (unless you’re a pop singer who can’t sleep), there’s a good chance the doctor will do his time from home.

We don’t want to hand Conrad Murray his fate before the jury has spoken, but in case he ends up wearing the ol’ ankle monitor, here are a few celebs who can give him advice if he goes stir crazy:

Paris Hilton: After violating parole, Paris was fitted with an ankle bracelet and sentenced to 40 days in her awesome West Hollywood home. Considering tourists from all over the world flock to Hollywood and probably stay in hotels not even half as nice as Paris’ home, she was basically on vacation. Hilton also made it a little less painful with cupcake deliveries, visitors and a balloon castle.

Roman Polanski: In 1978, the legendary director left the United States to avoid serving a prison sentence for the sexual assault and rape of a 13 year-old. He’s been in Europe ever since. In 2009, Polanski was arrested in Switzerland at the request of U.S. authorities. At the age of 76, he was placed under house arrest in his three-story estate. A year later, Swiss authorities declared him a free man. To this day, Polanski is known as one of the most talented and beloved directors of all time. The average dude convicted of raping a 13 year-old and then fleeing the country would be known as a huge dirtbag. But because we love Polanski's movies, we’re fine with it. In fact, we’ll redefine the word rape for it. “It wasn't rape-rape,” Whoopi Goldberg said on The View. “It was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape.

Martha Stewart: I don’t want to take away Martha’s prison cred. The woman served five months in federal prison. She’s hard. I’m surprised she didn’t resurface with a teardrop tattoo. But after her stint in the pokey for lying to investigators about her stock sale, Martha was sentenced to five months of house arrest. Her house, however, is a huge New York mansion. So if that’s prison, what the hell sentence am I serving in my crappy one bedroom apartment?

Andy Dick: Here are the things Andy Dick has been arrested for: driving into a pole, smoking weed at Coachella, groping various women (including a 17 year-old), and showing people his butt at McDonald’s. As if people eating McDonald’s aren't exposed to enough disgusting stuff. Anyway, Dick was sentenced to house arrest in 2009, and he launched his own talk show from home: "House Arrest With Andy Dick, the first celebrity talk show that must comply with a probation officer."

Lindsay Lohan: How could we get through a story about house arrest and not mention Lindsay Lohan? This summer, Lohan served 35 days of house arrest, where she had parties and even filmed commercials from her Venice beach pad. She’s also been sentenced to community service, but reportedly got kicked out because she didn’t show up. So why didn’t she show up? Because they were “really mean,” according to friends. Awwww.