Conrad Murray's Defense Lawyer: He Is Horrified, Devastated

November 10, 2011 By:
Conrad Murray's Defense Lawyer: He Is Horrified, Devastated

During Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial, we didn't hear a testimony from him. But in the documentary, Michael Jackson and The Doctor, the doctor is said to break his silence, revealing his relationship with the late singer.

Hollyscoop spoke to one of Murray's defense lawyers, Nareg Gourjian, who told us "the documentary humanizes Dr. Murray and it'll be a side that no one has ever seen before."

"He was devastated," Gourjian tells Hollyscoop. "I mean, he loved Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson was a close friend of his, and to be blamed for his death is just horrifying for Dr. Murray."

Gourjian says that the defense team had quite the task with the jury. "We're all Mr. Jackson fans," the lawyer told us. "That's always a problem that we knew we were faced with." But that wasn't the only problem they had.

"I think the biggest problem that we had was a lot of the rulings that were made by the trial court which prevented us from admitting a lot of the evidence that we felt was relevant for the jury to consider."

Gourjian admits to Hollyscoop that he was "certainly disappointed."

"I respect the jury's decision, but I was a bit surprised," Gourjian tells Hollyscoop.

Conrad Murray's sentencing is to be held November 29. Gourjian sheds some light on what the possible outcomes are:

"[Judge Pastor] can give Dr. Murray probation with certain amount of county jail time or the judge can impose a state prison sentence and he can elect anywhere from two to four years again," Gourjian tells us. "This is a 50 percent crime, so even if the judge elects four years, he would do two years, but again, under the new realignment laws, he would serve that in a county jail, and its going to be entirely up to the sheriff's department as to how long Dr. Murray actually serves."

And Gourjian tells us there's also a possibility that Murray will get house arrest. "I mean, to waste a bed right now in county jail on a cardiologist I think would totally be unreasonable."

The defense team also plans to appeal. "I'm very confident that the appellate court will reverse the verdict in this case," Gourjian tells Hollyscoop.

Amid reports that the Jackson family will take Dr. Conrad Murray to civil court, Gourjian tells us:

"I'm not personally involved with it, but I know there are a number of lawsuits between the family and AEG. I've got nothing but respect for the Jackson family. They've been very professional and respectful throughout this entire matter."