Connie Chung Sings The Blues Away

June 23, 2006 By:

Now that the Maury Povich and Connie Chung weekend show on MSNBC is over, Connie can move on to “bigger and better” things and audition for American Idol or apply for a job as a cocktail lounge singer.

The six month old TV show ended with a farewell song, "Thanks for the memories" which tone deaf Chung sang away. For a second there, I mistook Connie for Marilyn Monroe. The highlight is at the end of the song when Chung collapses on the floor of the studio and the camera fades out.

In all honestly I can’t decide who is worse, Connie Chung or William Hung? They definitely have one thing in common “She Bangs, She Bangs”. Watch the clips and you decide!