Joel McHale Not Surprised Conan Got Nominated Over Jay Leno

July 8, 2010 By:
Joel McHale Not Surprised Conan Got Nominated Over Jay Leno

The Emmys aren't the only ones on Team Coco--Talk Soup's Joel McHale is not only excited for Conan O'Brien's Emmy nomination, he's not the least bit surprised!

Joel talked to Hollyscoop at the Emmy Nominations Announcement this morning about his pal Conan's Emmy nod and why he thinks Conan will win.

Joel told Hollyscoop, "I didn’t think it was a surprise. I think it's one of those things where he’s been nominated so many times and has won so many awards that it's consistent with what he’s always done. Of course I think he can win. I thought it was great, I’m very happy for him."

The Emmys will air on NBC and Conan was on NBC, so will we see a funny moment “Soup” moment in the near future? "Well I guess if Ray J. shows up then definitely, yes," Joel joked.

So was Joel keeping his fingers crossed for an Emmy nomination for Community? "It's one of those things that where if you ever plan on it happening it's not going to happen," he said. "You can talk to my friends; I told them to not get ahead of ourselves."

Were you surprised that Conan was nominated over Jay Leno? Do you think his 8 month stint on The Tonight Show will get him that Emmy?