Conan Returns to Late Night Tonight!

November 8, 2010 By:
Conan Returns to Late Night Tonight!

Conan O'Brien finally makes his return to late-night TV tonight! I’m just pscyhed that I’ll have something to watch other than freaking Kardashian re-runs!

TMZ obtained the pic of the set below which features a giant moon over what looks like the ocean. We like!

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In true form, Conan has been Twittering his excitement about tonight’s premiere, saying things like, “I feel like I have something to do tonight that I keep forgetting,” and “48 hours until a show that will either blow up the paradigm of TV as we know it, or nestle comfortably among ‘Yes, Dear’ reruns.”

We have a feeling he’s going to kill it—Seth Rogan is his first guest tonight, which is an automatic good time, and Jack White is performing. Eh on the musical guest—he could have at least gotten someone a little more relevant right now!

But I’ll def be tuning in!

Team Coco 4-Eva!