Conan on His TV Break: I Didn't Know What to Do With Myself

December 3, 2010 By:
Conan on His TV Break: I Didn't Know What to Do With Myself

Conan O'Brien is enjoying being back on late-night television, and so is his wife! We talked to the funnyman at the Children’s Defense Fund, and he told us what it’s like to be back on the horse.

“First of all my wife loves that I’m not wandering the house in sweat pants anymore,” Conan joked. “I did not know what to do with myself. I was interviewing myself in the mirror. It was sad.”

So now that he’s back in action, Conan is pretty psyched to be on a totally different kind of network. “I’m grateful,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of nice things happen to me in the past ten months.”

“It sounds crazy but I have. The people I’m working with on TBS are amazing, fun, and let us do whatever we want to do. We are having a blast, everyone seems happy. This is good. Life is good.”

As you might recall, Conan spent a few months on the road touring prior to his show Conan premiering.
“I was like a rock star with a bad lower back,” he joked. “And Andy was rock star who took a lot of naps. If that was what Aerosmith was doing in the 70’s then yeah!”

“But,” Conan added, “The biggest downside was being away from my wife and kids and being forced to marry so many other women on the road in weird sham marriages.”

Does Conan even have an “off” button?? It’s like he’s “on” at all times! There’s a reason he’s one of the kings of late night!

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