Conan O'Brien Declines Offer to Host Tonys

March 30, 2010 By:
Conan O'Brien Declines Offer to Host Tonys

Conan O'Brien has been offered a chance to host the Tony Awards this year, but he’s shunned them! According to Deadline Hollywood, Conan had no choice but to decline the offer due to his strict contract that’s still in place with NBC.

The contract is only in place until May 1st, which made people wonder why he wouldn’t snag the opportunity, since the Tonys is on June 13th. A source says, "So he totally could have hosted the Tony's. More likely, he didn't want to do it, and used his agreement with NBC as an excuse to say no.”

But Conan’s reps quickly responded, saying, "He can do interviews but can't perform. He also can't speak freely about NBC, which kind of kills his doing things in the way he'd want."

NBC added, "The severance agreement gives Conan the explicit right to do hosting gigs after May 1, so its B.S. that he 'can't perform'. And if he wanted to 'speak freely about NBC', he shouldn't have accepted NBC's over $40 mill payoff."

Yikes! Talk about a war of words! But Team Conan insists he’s still just looking around for his perfect comeback gig, and the Tonys just wasn’t it.

Where do you think Conan should stage his first televised comeback?