Conan Banned from Appearing on Idol

March 22, 2010 By:
Conan Banned from Appearing on Idol

Conan O'Brien was approached by American Idol bosses to appear on the Fox show, but NBC is a having a hissy fit over it. According to a contract he has with the peacock network, Conan can’t appear on television until May 1st.

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox wants the late night host for their “Idol Gives Back” special that’s set to air on April 21st. They’ve reached out to several celebrities for the program, but reportedly wanted Conan to kick off the night.

Conan Plans 30 City Tour

This supposedly has nothing to do with the talks between O’Brien and Fox to do a late night show on the network, although those talks resumed this week. But in the meantime, O'Brien will be honing his stand-up skills on a nationwide comedy tour beginning April 12 in Eugene, Oregon.

Staunch supporters of Conan feel this is a low blow for NBC not to allow him to be a part of a charity event. But at least he’s permitted to come back to TV May 1st!

Sounds like Conan found a network that actually appreciates him! We hope he scores a deal with Fox!