Conan and NBC Reach $45 Million Dollar Deal

January 21, 2010 By:
Conan and NBC Reach $45 Million Dollar Deal

NBC may have screwed Conan O'Brien out of job, but he got a really nice 'we're sorry' check from them today. After days of non-stop negotiations, Conan and NBC reached a $45 million settlement, which is lot higher than originally predicted.

Network sources tell TMZ the "mitigation" clause was taken off the table, which means Conan will get a severance of $32.5 million, regardless of whether he gets another hosting gig.

Conan was really fighting for his staff, who relocated to Los Angeles from New York, and it worked! Conan's The Tonight Show staff will get $7.5 million and his executive producer will get $4.5 million.

There were rumors that if he went to another network, i.e. Fox, before September he would risk losing millions. So, if Fox were to make a deal with Conan and pay him $25 mil during the NBC contract period, Conan would only score $7.5 mil from NBC. But it looks like that's not the case anymore.

Conan's last show is this Friday so make sure to TiVo it. Will you continue to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Or are you on Team Coco?