Colin Farrell More Successful Because of Sobreity

February 18, 2010 By:
Colin Farrell More Successful Because of Sobreity

Colin Farrell was once known as one of the party boys in Hollywood. Now that he’s grown a up a little and has a girlfriend and a baby, things have changed dramatically—for the good!

Colin says he’s more appreciative of success as an actor since becoming more responsible. “It’s put more focus on my career,” he said.

“I’m a lot more appreciative over what I have. For years I was adamantly trying to show that I wasn’t worthy or that I didn’t know why it happened to me. I enjoy it a lot more now.”

Colin says he simply tired of partying one day, and decided to stop cold turkey. “I just wanted to stop,” he said. “I was done with it, I was tired of it, I wanted to get off the treadmill.”

Farrell does, however, want people to know that he’s always been responsible when it comes to work—and that the partying always happened after the cameras stopped rolling. The work I always took serious — I probably would have been embarrassed by how serious I took it. Everything else, the behavior around the work, was a guy having a good time and probably trying to apologize for his success,” he added.

We’re pretty sure we’ve heard the stories about his drinking and smoking on set, but we’ll let it go because he’s sober now!