Coldplay to split?

February 17, 2006 By:

Today is a sad day. As if there was any good music out there from Ashlee Simpson’s to Kevin Federline and hell even Paris Hilton is singing these days. But our all time favorite band Coldplay may be heading to the gutter. Our heart was shattered into a million pieces and we were nearly in tears. Even though we are aware that all good things must always come to an end, look at what happened to 'Guns and Roses', 'Cream', 'Nick and Jessica' and yes even 'NSYNC'. But we are hoping and praying that these rumors are FALSE. At the Brit awards in London, when rock band ColdPlay accepted an award for best album,

Front man Chris Martin said "You won't see us at one of these for many, many years. We won't see you for a long time. I mean it'. "We need to go away. We've got a lot of work to do, that's all."

Excuse us, we need to go and hear us some 'Yellow' and cry our eyes out!