Cloverfield Sequel On Its Way?

January 31, 2008 By:
Cloverfield Sequel On Its Way?

If you liked the movie Cloverfield, what I’m about to tell you is gonna get you really excited, I hope.

Producers for the film are already in talks to make a sequel because the first one was such a hit.

The film, which was directed by Matt Reeves, was shot in style of a home movie. It was about 5 people trying to escape some really big lizard. The home movie part was cool at least.
Note that this is all still in the talking stages and the director doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

He says, "Only time will tell. While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go."

The horror opened in theatres early January taking in more than $41 million, which is a record for January openings.