On-Set Doctor Hired to Care for Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman

March 2, 2009 By:
On-Set Doctor Hired to Care for Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman

You know you’re old when you need a doctor around at all times in the event of an emergency. An on-set doctor has just been hired to look after Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman, who star in the upcoming movie The Human Factor. Seems a little odd to us! They’re getting up there, but it’s not like Morgan and Clint are about to croak!

Morgan having a doctor we can understand. He’s still recovering from the car crash he was involved in last summer, and requires therapy in his hand. But it must have been a package deal for the two guys, because the doc is there to make sure Clint is healthy too. Clint is the director on the film, called Human Nature, in which Freeman plays the role of Nelson Mandela.

A source tells the New York Daily News, "There's a huge budget for the film at stake. These guys are getting up there in age. Sure they had physicals before leaving - everyone has to. But the private doctor was just an agreed upon decision on all sides of the table."

That’s got to be a little shot to the ego when a doctor has to follow you around everywhere! But both Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood are such professionals that they’d probably sacrifice anything for the sake of making a good film.

Speaking of Human Nature, the movie sounds really good. It’s a look at Nelson Mandela’s life after the fall of the apartheid in South Africa during his first term as President. Matt Damon stars as South African rugby star Francois Pienaar.