Clint Eastwood is Starring in a Reality Show

December 14, 2011 By:
Clint Eastwood is Starring in a Reality Show

The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Dirty Harry, Million Dollar Baby and…Kourtney and Clint Take New York?

Clint Eastwood is reportedly filming a reality show. And I really hope that somehow, it’s Teen Mom. That would be fun.

Specifically, Clint’s wife and two daughters are the ones filming, and it’s supposed to be a typical family-centered reality show that is set to air on the E! network. Great. More entertainment fodder that Joel McHale can’t use for The Soup.

Sources tell TMZ that the show will focus on what it’s like to live in a family of “Hollywood Royalty.” It’s supposed to cover Clint’s relationship with his wife Dina Eastwood, along with their daughter Morgan and Clint’s 18 year-old daughter Francesca, an aspiring actress.

So pretty much it’ll be: a bunch of bullsh-t about the industry, someone loses some jewelry, a small dog, and then ‘what’s really important is that we stick together as a family.’ Boom, season 1 in the can.

Clint, who is 81 years old, has agreed to appear on the show a couple of times, but he’s definitely not going to be a main character. When his family asked him why, I’m guessing he just pointed to the four Academy Awards on his mantle.

The production company behind the show is powerhouse Bunim/Murray, the same people behind the Kardashian shows, along with The Real World and Bad Girls Club. So they know what they’re doing. According to TMZ, the show is set to air within the next few months.

Clint recently directed J.Edgar, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and the movie is still out in theaters.