Clint Eastwood Dating His Ex-Wife’s BFF?

September 4, 2013 By:
Clint Eastwood Dating His Ex-Wife’s BFF?

Okay, get ready for a very confusing love triangle (square?).

Clint Eastwood is dating his ex-wife Dina Eastwood’s new lover’s ex-wife.

Yes. Dina has moved on to a new man (though she might have cheated on Clint, let’s not point fingers) named Scott Fisher who she has been BFFs with for 33 years because they went to high school together.

Scott was married to a woman named Erica Tomlinson-Fisher that he divorced in 2012 and now that woman is dating Clint!

It’s a classic wife swap! Clint and Scott traded wives, easy peasy.

Apparently, when Erica called Clint to say, “Hey, I think your wife is sleeping with my ex-husband” she ended up falling in love with Clint instead!

Clint and Erica have been seeing each other since February and a source for Dina told Us Weekly that Dina only started seeing Scott after Erica got with Clint, which is a total lie because why would Erica call Clint to rat out Dina and Scott if there was no affair going on to begin with?

Oh my god, we haven’t used that many names and tangled webs of love since high school. Phew.

The moral of this story is…Clint Eastwood and some dude named Scott Fisher did a wife swap and it’s super scandalous.

Clint is 83 years old, by the way, which is about 70 years too late for this kind of locker room tomfoolery.