Recap: Homeland 'State of Independence'

October 15, 2012 By:
Recap: Homeland 'State of Independence'

Before you read this, make sure you’re not wearing a wire. Also, you might want to see the actual episode first...

Homeland” maintained its explosive presence on cable television on its third week of the sophomore CIA thriller season. This episode, like every one before it, kept viewers on the edge of their seats as secrets continued to unravel.

Here are a few plot points to get you up to speed or refresh you on the awesomeness that unfolded.

The ‘Ol Switcheroo: The episode opens with Saul at the airport in Beirut. He’s prepping to depart from Lebanon when government officials pull him aside to search the contents of his diplomatic case.

Inside - of course - is the flash drive containing Brody’s confession and – of course – the searchers find it. Officials tell him to “never return to Lebanon.”
But later. Saul, being the clever bearded soul that he is, pulls out a SECOND flash drive from a secret compartment in the briefcase. Alas…the discovered drive was a decoy!

The Return of the Tailor: The CIA is closing in on learning the identity of the tailor from Gettysburg that made Brody’s suicide vest (à la Season 1).

Roya Hammad informs Brody of this. He responds by finding the tailor and taking him to a safe house. Except they never make it there and after Hammad tries to escape, Brody snaps his neck and kills him.

All Bow to Claire Danes: In terms of a multi-layered, standing ovation-worthy performance, this girl not only takes the cake, but also the whole bakery!

From a gloriously sarcastic and highly anticipated meeting with David Este to a her suicide attempt via pill/wine cocktail, Danes – aka Carrie – is a master of emotions. She remains enough of a force to watch the show to begin with.

Brody Trades in His ‘Pants on Fire?’: The episode unveiled a side of Brody that we have rarely – if ever – seen: Honesty.

The moment came while Brody’s wife Jessica reads his planned speech for a wounded Veteran’s event in Washington, D.C. It’s heartfelt, at least to Jess, and she shows her appreciation to Brody…all over the kitchen table.

“You Were Right”: Right off the plane, Saul finds a not-dead Carrie at her apartment where he shows her the contents of the concealed flash drive.

Then, he speaks the words that every woman likes to hear, no matter the current situation or mental state: “You were right.” Bum-Bum-Bummmmmm…