Homeland Recap: The ‘New Car Smell’

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Homeland Recap: The ‘New Car Smell’

Another week, another episode of Homeland, expertly crafted by the good people at Showtime…

Viewers who tuned in were treated to the same teeth-grinding excitement and anticipation in “New Car Smell” that they have come accustomed to in the series. The storyline’s future and the show’s respect in the critical spectrum were riding on the episode, which came through with flying colors. (Like we ever doubted it would.)

The episode was (unexpectedly) full of answers. Here are a few mega plot points from last night’s episode…

Brody Gets Exposed: Saul Mandy (Mandy Patinkin) shows David Estes (David Harewood) the tape that convicts Brody (Damian Lewis). With undeniable proof, Estes puts a team on Brody, but the duo agrees to lay low in hopes that they can use Brody to sniff out Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban).

Carrie and Brody are Besties?: “I was just wondering if we could bury the hatchet, for real,” Brody tells Carrie (Claire Danes) on the phone. The couple reunite at a hotel bar where they share some sweet nothings: Carrie tells him that she’s getting close to Nazir and Brody apologizes for getting her fired.

Brody Can’t Get No Love: Despite the love fest that went down last week, Brody’s wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) is epically pissed about him missing the Veteran’s dinner. And by “epically pissed” I mean that she kicks him out, telling him not to come back until he can be honest…In other words, never.

Newcomer Peter Quinn: The episode intro’d newcomer Peter Quinn – bold personality and creepy stare - a CIA analyst appointed by Estes. His efforts to take control of the situation are no match for Carrie who continues her habit of not following orders.

Brody is Taken Down: A heartfelt moment plays out between Brody and Carrie in his hotel room followed by him telling her, “I liked you” and her responding, “I loved you.” Awww…

But before the duet starts ripping their clothes off and having at each other, she gives him a final speech and CIA agents swoop in…

"If only the circumstances had been wildly different,” Carrie says. “You're a disgrace to your nation Sargent Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time you pay for that."

Homeland returns next Sunday at 10/9 c on Showtime.

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