Claire Danes Will 'Kick A—' At Playing Mom, Says 'Homeland' Co-Star

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Claire Danes Will \'Kick A—\' At Playing Mom, Says \'Homeland\' Co-Star

I wonder how Claire Danes' OB/GYN feels about her chasing terrorists in her third trimester.

The woman that people have come to know as Carrie Mathison on the Showtime series “Homeland,” is gearing up to play a new role in life: mom. But, based on what her costars are seeing on set, she’s up for the challenge.

Hollyscoop spoke to 'Homeland' actor Hrach Titizian, who thinks Danes will handle motherhood like she handled Nick Brody in the interrogation room recently: Like a boss.

“I told her if you're going to be half as good of a mom as you are an actress then you're going to kick ass,” says Hrach.

Claire is due in December and (somehow) is still filming for the show. Her pregnancy keeps things very business-like on set and avoids her surrounding cast from goofing off too much.

But aside from being primed and prepped for her new arrival, Claire—Hrach says—is a saint to work with.

“She's awesome she's the best, she's really sweet,” says Hrach, adding, “everyone, that's the cool thing about the show too, everyone is so cool and easy going, easy to work with.”

The actor plays Danny Galvez, a CIA Anaylist and former colleague of Carrie’s.

After its debut season, “Homeland” won two Golden Globes—including one that now sits on Claire’s mantle for "Best Actress, in a Drama," and swept the 2012 Emmys, skyrocketing the show front and center to the nation’s collective attention span.

Hrach recalled an out-of-body moment during his Emmy Awards party when he felt “Homeland” transition from just a cable show to a national phenomenon.

“I was totally stuck to the TV because as they're about to announce [the “Best Drama” award] and your heart’s beating,” he says. “You're just involved and it's a different feeling.”

Like the rest of the cast, Hrach was completely caught off guard by the speed and scale of how things took off for the series. He feels “lucky” to be a part of such a commanding television force.

“Homeland” airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.


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