Cindy Crawford Designing Her Own Home Goods Line

April 3, 2009 By:
Cindy Crawford Designing Her Own Home Goods Line

Is home furnishings where old supermodels retire? Kathy Ireland did it, and now Cindy Crawford is taking the same route. She’s teaming up with J.C. Penny to launch a line of home goods for the retail giant.

The collection will include bedding and bath items, wall décor, and rugs, and will be totally affordable, with price points starting at around $20, and going up to $170 for full bedding sets.

This is a little surprising timing-wise, since many big department store chains are facing low sales right now, especially in areas of luxury purchases, like bedding. But J.C. Penny president Ken Hicks says they’re trying to take advantage of the market as businesses like Linens N Things go under.

He says, "This will ensure that when the market turns, we will maintain our advantage as a leader in the home business.”

Nothing like adding a supermodel to your image to make your stuff look more desirable! Do you guys think Cindy is selling herself short by going with J.C. Penny or is she smart cause that's where the money is at?