Ciara Reveals Secret to Getting Her Hot Bod

August 27, 2013 By:
Ciara Reveals Secret to Getting Her Hot Bod

Ciara, the brains and body behind “Body Party,” who also happens to have one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, is revealing her secrets to rock hard abs and killer curves!

“I’m all about mixing plyometrics with weight training because I’m a performer and I need to be able to jump around and condition my body for high, fast movement. That’s what I like about plyometrics and the weight training helps you keep on a little muscle so you don’t wither away,” she tells OK!

As a dancer, she’s all about interesting and varied workouts.

“I love doing different things that keep me interested, because when you keep practicing the same moves, you get a little bored. I think it’s about keeping it different—doing the unexpected and challenging yourself, so you feel like you’ve really done something great.”

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