What's Up With Chuck?

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What\'s Up With Chuck?

A near-death experience lead Chuck to attend to some things he's been putting off, one of them being breaking up with Sarah, his hot spy co-worker/fake girlfriend. As is it's not bad enough that he did it in a way that looked like he might be going in to kiss her, you can clearly see the expectation on Sarah's face shatter into pointy, painful shards of disappointment. The salt in the wound would have to be that the break-up occurs at her place of work, a cheesy Mexican restaurant that requires her to wear an embarrassing (and totally inauthentic) ruffled costume.

The episode ends with Chuck out on a date with a girl played by Rachel Bilsson, Apparently, she's going to be around for at least a few episodes because the scenes from next week's show had them making out in a steamy car and hinted at a possible show-down between her and Sarah. Unless Rachel Bilsson is an enemy spy, my money's on the scorned blonde who's trained to kill.
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