What Happened On Chuck Last Night?

November 6, 2007 By:
What Happened On Chuck Last Night?

The best part of this show is not the hail-of-gunfire
spy action but the drama at the Buy More electronics
store where Chuck and Morgan toil daily. Morgan is a
great character with a killer deadpan sense of humor
that is inflamed by the new rules that Harry Tang has
made for the Buy More employees, most offensive being
a staggered lunch break schedule that has every
employee eating alone.

As Morgan wages war against a power-hungry
middle-manager, Chuck has to go back to Stanford to
find out why the professor who got him kicked him out
of college is being chased by an Icelandic hit man with
a crossbow. In the process, he discovers not only that
he was being scouted by the CIA to be an operative by
this professor, but that Bryce, his ex-roommate (who
planted exam answers in his room resulting in his
getting kicked out) was actually trying to help him
and keep him safe from a life as a CIA operative.

the end, this information helps Chuck make peace not
only with Standford and his time there but with Bryce,
his former best friend. There's a happy ending for
Morgan, too, when he blackmails Harry by reprogramming
his universal remote, making him powerless to change
the channels of the TVs in the store.

Is it just me, or are the characters at the Buy More a lot more well-developed and unique than the CIA folks? Do you
Think that's intentional?