TV Recap: Chuck

December 4, 2007 By:
TV Recap: Chuck

Doesn't the BuyMore continue to steal the show? Lester convinces everyone that he's Jewish and proceeds to clean everybody out by playing the dreidel for money with a bunch of clueless Gentiles.

Lester is not Jewish (nor does he know anything about the dreidel except how to spin it), but he is a good enough liar that no one figures anything out. And when given a choice between watching Morgan try to
impress Anna's Taiwanese diplomat parents by dressing like Mr. Howell and inventing stories about his adventures ("The last time I was in the Congo...") and Chuck, Sarah, and Taiwanese counterfeiters, wouldn't
you choose to watch Morgan?

The only big news on the Chuck front is that headquarters is preparing a new supercomputer, one that would eventually replace Chuck and render him unnecessary. At that point, he would need to be "taken care of." That means they're buying him a Bahamanian condo, right?