Chuck and Heroes Recap

November 20, 2007 By:

Even though I don’t think Rachel Bilson is a super-good actress, I was a little let-down that things didn't really work out between her and Chuck. She owns a deli, he loves extremely fatty, bizarre sandwiches (who besides a cat eats liver, Chuck?); they were just a cute couple. If Iwere Chuck, I'd be paranoid that Sarah was just into me because she always seems to fall for guys she works with. Plus, I'd also feel weird about making out with my dead best friend's lady because, in a way, that means that I'm making out with my dead best friend and that is both morally wrong and illegal.

Everyone tells me, "Watch Heroes, Bianca. Watch Heroes." So tonight, I watch it and it's actually kind of hard to understand what's going on if you haven't ever seen a single episode. Regardless of knowing or not knowing who is who, I know incredible when I see it and when a man (Hayden Panetierre's dad) gets shot in the eye with a gun only to wake up later, having willed himself to heal, that is something incredible.