What’s Going On with Christina Ricci and This Fridge?

January 14, 2014 By:
What’s Going On with Christina Ricci and This Fridge?
Image By: Twitter

Good morning. Here we are. Christina Ricci chilling (ha!—literally) in a fridge.

Some context: After #Lawrencing took the Internet by storm this week, Christina’s own minor following decided to copy the starlet.

Back in November, the actress shared these photos of herself shoved into a refrigerator and crawling out of a dryer, showing off the perks of having such a famously small stature (you can hibernate all winter surrounded by food) and yesterday, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan created their own versions with the hashtag #Riccing, giving the months-old photos new life.

Inevitably, it sparked a slew of #Riccing enthusiasts, squeezing themselves into a galaxy of cramped spaces.

Like this pantry.

And this mini-fridge.

Can you see the #Riccing?

It just looks super comfortable, right?

#Riccing is only for the most pop culture-obsessed pups.

It can obviously double as an intense yoga session.

Now go forth and find the most cramped space in your home, and UNWIND.