Penelope Los Angeles Movie Premiere

February 25, 2008 By:
Penelope Los Angeles Movie Premiere

What is true beauty? That's the question Reese Witherspoon’s latest flick “Penelope” tackles. The romantic comedy was produced by the Oscar winning actress in which she stars alongside Christina Ricci, James McAvoy and Catherine O’Hara.

In the film Christina Ricci takes a bold step in covering her pig like nose. Faced with the family curse, Penelope (Christina Ricci) must overcome all obstacles by finding true love. The warm and funny adventure leads her to realize the most important life lesson, “I like myself the way I am.”

In a day and age where there is so much emphasis on beauty, plastic surgery and the obsession of the celebrity culture, movies like 'Penelope' is a nice change of pace.

Hollyscoop was at the Los Angeles movie premiere where we caught up with the stars from the flick and got the scoop. The movie doesn’t hit theatres until February 29, 2008 but to learn more about the film log on to Hollyscoop Movies. In the meantime, check out our video coverage from the Hollywood movie premiere.