Christina Milian on Nick Cannon: He's in a Good Place

December 8, 2008 By:
Christina Milian on Nick Cannon: He's in a Good Place

Dealing with a breakups is hard enough, so imagine being a celebrity and your dirty laundry is let out in the open for all to see. That was the case for Christina Milian, who once had a very public breakup with Nick Cannon after he was caught cheating on her with not one, but several women.

Before Nick made headlines for marrying Mariah Carey, he dated Christina for three years. And while it's always hard seeing an ex move on, Christina had nothing but good things to say about her former beau.

"I do have well wishes for him and I'm really happy for him cause honestly I feel he is in a good place and this is where he is always," Christina told Hollyscoop at KIIS Fm’s Jingle Ball concert on Saturday. "He wants to be as far and married and happy and all that stuff.”

In regards to Nick and Mariah having kids soon, Christina told Hollyscoop: “As far as maturity, I don't know if he is having kids. I've heard stuff and I know he wants to have kids so I'm sure they are gonna get started, Haha.”

Luckily their bad breakup is in the past and Christina has since moved on. Christina's new love interest is a Hip Hop producer from Miami who’s worked with The Game, Lil Wayne, and Ja Rule among others. “I've been seeing someone for three years. His name is Dre and he is a music producer... He's cool," she told Hollyscoop.

At the time while Christina stayed mum about their breakup and the details involved, Nick was happy to talk about their relationship to the press saying, "Most dudes don't want to be in relationships--bottom line. Our testosterone wont let us to just buckle down and be like, 'Alright I want to be in a relationship.'" Nick has certainly changed his tune in the last year!