Christina Hendricks Went Mad After Lost Diamonds

January 19, 2011 By:
Christina Hendricks Went Mad After Lost Diamonds

Christina Hendricks almost had a very huge oh-oh moment while at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

Chopard had loaned the Mad Men beauty some very expensive diamond bracelets to wear with her flame-red Romono Kaveeza dress. But at one same point the $850,000 diamond bracelet slipped off her hand!

“Christina was horrified to find out that after making it up the carpet Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, one of the two bracelets loaned by Chopard had slipped off,” a source said.

“Inside the ballroom moments before the show started, a panicked Christina asked, ‘Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I’ve lost one that looks like this,’ pointing at the one glittering bracelet left on her wrist.

Luckily a very honest event worker found her bracelet for her and handed it over. Christina was reportedly still so shaken up about it she handed it to her publicist to hold and never put it back on.

Can you imagine having to explain that? Um...'sorry Mr. Chopard but you know that nearly million dollar bracelet you gave me? Yeah, I lost it.' Now that’s an uncomfortable conversation!