Christina Hendricks on "Dream Job" Mad Men: I Hope It Gets Settled Soon!

March 31, 2011 By:
Christina Hendricks on

Mad Men is the best thing that’s happened to AMC. And Christina Hendricks was the best thing to happen to Mad Men. So why are they keeping our favorite vixen off the air?

Show creator Matthew Weiner and AMC have been butting heads so the new season of the hit show has been delayed until 2012. And understandably the cast isn’t thrilled about it.

Why Mad Men is in Trouble

“It’s my dream job and I love working there, so I can't wait to go back to work fast and I hope it all just gets settled soon. Because we’re all excited to go back,” Christina told Hollyscoop at the Vivienne Westwood flagship store grand opening in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Now that Mad Men is on hiatus she has a lot of time to focus on her second passion—fashion.
The stunner was joined by her husband Geoffrey Arend as she showed off some pieces of the Palladium Jewelry Collection. With that figure she can sell ice to Eskimos!

“[The jewelry] helps a lot to get into character,” Christina confessed to Hollyscoop. “When we get dressed it helps to express ourselves through our fashion. Especially on Mad Men. Joan is very specific about her [style]. She has signature things like her pin necklace, and if its the holiday she has a turkey broach. They very much define that character.”
Earlier this month, Christina was unveiled as the face of Dame Vivienne’s Palladium collection, a line she’s been a fan of for years.

“I have been a fan forever. I love that she's rock and roll. I love that's she couture. I love that she is literally like dress the sex pistols and also has bustles and corsets and things that you would never expect one designer to be able to do all at once,” gushed Christina.

As a fan, waiting for the new season of Mad Men has been torturous. So how has Christina been keeping busy?
“Just finished a film but right now at Lincoln center so I've been singing and dancing. I’ve been in NY rehearsing and thanks to my husband for the encouragement. I haven't had this much fun my cheeks are hurting from smiling so much.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the smile is due to insider information about the show coming back sooner rather than later.