Christina Hendrick's Nude Photos Leaked

March 5, 2012 By:
Christina Hendrick's Nude Photos Leaked

Ahh, Hollywood! The land of fame, fortune, and famous faces who take provocative photos on their iPhones and then act surprised when the nude pics leak onto the internet!

The latest celeb to fall victim to naked photo leaks is 'Mad Men' actress Christina Hendricks.

The photos show Christina dressed in various “sexy” outfits posing in her home with no make-up on. These photos are definitely of her, but they aren’t super scandalous, so it’s not a big deal.

But there is one topless picture and Christina’s head is cut off in the photo, so it’s pretty obvious that it’s a gasp…imposter.

Christina’s reps told TMZ that her phone was hacked recently and those scantily-clad shots were stolen, but they’re saying that the fully nude pic is a total fake.

They don’t know who hacked her phone, but an investigation is underway! “This must be stopped” – Scarlett Johannson.

Another reason why we know these photos aren’t legit…some website called “Motherless,” which I’m afraid to click on, asked on a message board “which celebs do you want to see naked?” and then people apparently voted for Christina Hendricks and the website gave it. How coincidental that he just had nude pics lying around! Imposter!

Also over the weekend, nude photos of actress Olivia Munn were leaked to the internet, and she also is saying, “that’s not me.”

Is “my phone was hacked” the new “hospitalized for exhaustion” in Hollywood? Yep.